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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Will the Third World War Begin this Year?

Many people believe that the Third World War will begin this year for some reasons, see:
1) In 2001, a supposed future traveler, John Titor, told that in 2015, the Third World War will begin and billions of people will die in this war. He told that Russia will launch a nuclear bomb against United States, and these two countries will be completely destroyed in the end.
2) Russia and United States in this year, a country provokes another and the two countries are prepared for the possible war.
I believe that will have a Third World War and the United States will be destroyed (see HERE), but, I don’t believe that these things will happen in this year.
I believe that the Judgment of God will come against United States and all nations for many reasons, but, we don’t know when this judgment will begin.
All the Christians have to pray and seek God now, because, God can help us and tell us what will happen in this year and in the future.
The non-Christians have to repent from their sins and ask God for mercy. God can pardon and mercy all sinners, and, while the Judgment of God doesn’t come, all the people can be saved, see how:
More Information:

We don't need to wait for the Judgment of God.
We can seek the Pardon and Mercy of God while we have time.
Think about it, please, and God blesses you!

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